Imogen Alabaster

Based in Edinburgh, Scotland, Imogen Alabaster works in oils to make dreamlike paintings where layers of explosive colours, bold figures and mysterious creatures capture your imagination.


Imogen graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 2006, with a BA (Hons) in Drawing and Painting. She has a studio in Dalry, regularly exhibiting work in various Edinburgh galleries. One of her paintings is on permanent display at the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary, as well as several in private collections.

Recently she has been creating a series of self-portraits. Her appearance alters each day and with every experience. By continually studying her own image she explores how internal anxieties and past grief and joy has left its physical impression.

She has also been creating detailed portraits of friends. Everybody has hidden scars - some physical and some psychological. With every delicate brush stroke Alabaster hopes to gently express how stunning they and their 'flaws' are, both visually and spiritually. 

She is currently taking commissions, so please get in touch if you are interested.

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